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Where to get Popin Cookin in Singapore.

January 9, 2012

I’m happy because I finally get to play with Popin’ cookin! This is the cookie set, I’m dying to try the sushi or the bento set.. but it was sold out. So this wish is only partially fulfilled.. hahaha. So what exactly is Popin’ cookin? It is an edible game, originated from Japan. (Yes, all such adorable and cute games originate from Japan because they are so damn creative.)

These are just flavoured gelatin powder and you mix the sachets with water and then you get your icing etc. Some of these requires the use of a microwave, some others doesn’t. I want to get the sushi and bento set but it’s not worth the money because its so expensive.

There are many sources to get Popin Cookin, especially online, however if you are an impatient shopper like me who wants to get their goods immediately and on the spot, here are the top places to get Popin cookin in Singapore:
Toy Outpost
1) Plaza Singapura, #07-11B
2) VivoCity, #02-27
3) 112 Katong, #03-12

Other than Toy Outpost, these are the two other places to get it.
1) Marina Square, Cactus #03-367
2) Serangoon Nex, Ministry of Cube #04-10

For Toy Outpost, they currently have a promotion, one packet costs SGD$11.90, but now they go at 5 for SGD$50! But as usual, the sushi and bento ones are out of stock 😦

And your next question would be, what types are available?

The Sushi Set, that allows you to make 2x of each sushi.

The cookie set. (Special note: Some requires the use of a microwave which is indicated on the top left of the box such as the cookie one. So if you dont have a microwave at home but wish to do something cute like the cookie one… I would suggest the donut.)

Cupcakes! Gives you about 3x of each shape, total of 6 mini cupcakes, requires the use of a microwave as well.

Ice cream! Not forgetting, your ramen and donuts. And also, should you go to Toy Outpost, you would be able to find special gummy ones for those with a sweet tooth like me. 😀 And look at this, CAN I HAZ ALL OF IT? 😦

And for those who are lazy to step out of your house since Singapore has been ridiculously hot these past few days, visit for your virgin experience with Kracie’s Popin Cookin! 😀

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